Easy Steps On How to prepare banga soup

How to prepare banga soup – Banga soup is a soup made from the sauce squeezed from palm fruit and its incredibly highly rich in nutritional value and it is mainly for the urhobos


1. Assorted parts of meat,stockfish (pre-soaked),bush meat(washed)optional

2. oil-palm nuts

3. Grounded crayfish

4.Grounded pepper

5. Banga spice

6.Onion(sliced) and

7.Salt to taste


1. Place the washed assorted meats in a clean pot,add a drop of water season a little salt,one maggi depending on the quantity of the soup you want to cook and one chopped onion bulb and allow to boil for 20 minutes.

2. Add the stock fish and cook for another 10 minutes

3. In a clean pot prepare the palm kernel nut to extract the oil by boiling the washed nuts for 20minutes until its soft.

4. When its ready separate the kernel from the water and pound to remove the oil.

5. Pass through a sieve to separate the kernels from the chaff.

6. Pour the strained pulp into the meat together with the sliced pepper(optional)if you don’t want to add the sliced pepper you sure can leave it.

7. Sprinkle in the crayfish and cook for 15minutes until the soup is fairly reduced and thickened.

8. Check seasoning by tasting the soup if its not okay you can add more seasoning to your preferable taste and serve with pounded yam or starch.

How to prepare banga soup

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