Racksterly Review – Share & Get Paid

Make Money Online with Racksterly. Racksterly is a digital platform where you SHARE ADS – EARN – GET PAID

As Simple as that 👌🏾

What exactly does Racksterly do??

Businesses pay to put their products and services on Racksterly,
You share a business per day to your facebook timeline, helping to get the business across to your friends and family and you get paid part of the money the business paid Racksterly.

How do I get started?
To get started, you’d have to sign up

Sign up by clicking below:
On signing up, you’d be asked to provide your account details (so you can withdraw your earnings) after which you can subscribe and start sharing! 💵

Click on continue after successful payment,

You’d be taken to your dashboard

What are the Subscription Plans

There are currently four subscription plans:

Subscription fee = $18 (6,897 naira)

Earning per share = $1.2/day

Subscription period = 30 days

Subscription fee = $25 (9,296 naira)

Earning per share = $1.8/day

Subscription period = 30 days

Subscription fee = $45 (16,732 naira)

Earning per share = $3.5/day

Subscription period = 30 days

Subscription fee = $75 (27,887 naira)

Earning per share = $5.6/day

Subscription period = 30 days

All prices above include a 3% transaction fee 👍🏾

Note: On the platform, $1 is equivalent to 360 naira

Fill the form and click on
Either via ATM Card, Bank or USSD Code.

Clicking on any of the ads will direct you to your facebook post update

I advice, for ease of access that:

▪We use Google Chrome browser
▪That our various facebook accounts are logged in already on the browser
▪Some service providers (almost all) support FREE FACEBOOK/ FACEBOOK ZERO

Please don’t use the free mode of facebook ooo!!!
Kindly switch to DATA MODE before sharing the advert to your timeline
▪Make sure your post privacy is set to PUBLIC

With all this done,

You can then POST the advert

After posting, the Facebook tab will (should) close automatically and you will be redirected to your Racksterly dashboard.

This time around, if sharing was successful


Checkout my earnings below:-

Racksterly - Make Money Online 2020
Racksterly – Make Money Online 2020
Racksterly - Make Money Online 2020
Racksterly – Make Money Online 2020

Racksterly Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Why Do I Have to Pay to Share Advert on My Timeline?
According to Racksterly, this is one of their most frequently asked questions. As such, they have taken the time to answer it in a simple language. You are required to pay before you can share their adverts. And the reason is to protect their system from abuse. If they make it free to join, you will agree with me that they will spend at least 40% of their income fighting spam.


But now there are subscription fees, it has reduced the number of intending spammers. If you are joining, you are joining for real.

Is Referral Compulsory?
No. Referral is not compulsory on Racksterly. However, if you refer somebody, you will be rewarded handsomely. They pay 5% for a referral. Besides the 5% commission, there are rewards for users who reached a certain target. They call it Achievements. Achievement is a feature that allows you to earn big amount of money from referral. 5% commission is small, some said! But, if three persons join the program through your link, you get $10 instant reward. And if six people subscribe through your link to a plan you are on or a plan higher, your current plan will be extended to sixty days. That is; you will not be asked to subscribe again after the first thirty days.

In addition to the above rewards, there are still other rewards for users who reached a certain level in terms of the number of referrals. I have already talked about that on Achievements. If you did not read it, click here to scroll back.

What Happened if My Account Is Extended?

 inviting six friends to the program will extend your current plan to sixty days. You might be wondering what you will do with the extended account. Would you be able to share adverts and receive referral commissions? The answer is Yes. An extended account is the same as a normal account, but unlike the latter, it is free.

How Do I Know if My Account Is Extended?

Once a minimum of six people join the program and successfully subscribe to a plan you are on or a plan higher, your subscription will be extended to sixty days automatically. To check it, login to your account and click on the menu. You will see “Extended Yes“. Else, your account is not yet eligible.

I just Subscribed, What Else?

It is time for you to work and collect your “mula“. Share one of the adverts on your dashboard to your Facebook timeline. Copy your referral link and begin to invite your family and friends.

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Why Can’t I Share Advert Twice or More Per A Day?

I have had people ask me this question several times. I understand that you can share the adverts more than a hundred times in a day. But, Racksterly is not built to work that way. They have limited the sharing to one advert per day. The reason is to prevent spam. Facebook even frowns upon users who share lots of links on their timeline. And you can be banned for going against the community rules. So, understand it like that, it is not that Racksterly cannot allow us to share more than one advert in a day, but they do observe Facebook rules.

What Bank Account Can I Use to Withdraw?

You can use any Nigerian bank account to withdraw your earnings.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Earnings?

Racksterly uses automatic withdrawal. Once you hit the withdrawal button, expect your payment soon. It is important to note that sometimes, your bank might delay it due to network problems. In such cases, it may take up to 24hours before it arrives.

How Can I Contact Racksterly?

There is a contact form on their website; you can use it to message them. You can as well email them at Or chat them on Facebook Messenger at Racksterly Fbx.

What do you think about this? Do you have any questions? Please, use the comment form below.

Also, don’t forget that you can register immediately by clicking here. For more info and guidelines click the button below to chat with me on WhatsApp




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