The real key to turn up of events are are the event planners without them all events would be chaotic.

When it comes to crafting the perfect event, it’s all about the execution. Even the most creative and unexpected event ideas are nothing without their ringmaster — the event planner(AFROVIBE AFRICA).

AFROVIBE AFRICA is an international event, festival, tour organizing company set to officially launch April, 2019 with many successful events under their belt ranging from House parties, Festivals, Meet and Greets and also chills on the Mainland and Island Axis of Lagos state.

AFROVIBE has been behind some of the most brilliant events in Lagos l. When it comes to Festivals or concert events ,you can be sure to get the best experiences with AFROVIBE africa.

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Some of their recent events are the
TRIPLE SLAM AND SLAM FESTIVALS which are popularly known to promote the youths of Africa, Social gatherings, Networking,African Music culture, Gaming,Beautiful African food, Young and Upcoming Entrepreneurs and Lastly Sport
The official launch party of the Afrovibe Africa brand is Live at CLUB SCANDAL, IKEJA LAGOS (10 PM).

On that note you can connect with Afrovibe Africa on Twitter and Instagram @Afrovibeafrica and also visit their website for more enquiries, Bookings and more information.



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